Candle and Diffuser Pack Bella

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Candle and Diffuser Pack Bella

$54.50 $58.60
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Freshly picked wild strawberries, raspberry and orange zest adrift a pleasant lotus blossom daydream.

Unbox delightful aromas and fill your home with the most gorgeous notes of a Short Story candle and diffuser. Rekindle your spirit, rejuvenate your soul and discover this aromatic range, each inspired by a beautiful story.

Beautiful, garden

Embracing a life of kindheartedness, compassion and love only begins to showcase your destiny to bestow great treasures into the world.

Curious by nature and seeing life through rose coloured glasses, your desire to care for all those around you are grounded on strong values and traditions, inspiring generosity and meaningful beauty.

Top: Strawberry, orange, lemon
Middle: Lotus, violet, raspberry
Base: Vanilla, caramel

- Candle Bella Strawberry & Lotus Blossom
- Diffuser Bella Strawberry & Lotus Blossom

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