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Harry Potter Fan Collection Pack II

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    Cast a powerful spell in your own home or wherever you go with the most enchanting assortment of delightful pieces from the Harry Potter Fan Collection Pack. Featuring the most bewitching concoctions of aromas to trinkets sparking the most sentimental memories from the Wizarding World™, you're sure to find yourself completely charmed and perhaps - imbued with a little magic of your own.

    Ignite your curiosities, enchant your world, and get ready to embark on a magical journey of your very own with the spellbinding tales of Harry Potter.


    - Harry Potter Candle Gryffindor™ (Smoked Wood & Cinnamon Fruit)
    - Harry Potter Candle Slytherin™ (Black Lake Pine & Leather)
    - Harry Potter Candle Hufflepuff™ (Toasted Butterscotch & Pecan Pie)
    - Harry Potter Candle Ravenclaw™ (Patchouli Incense & Amber)

    - Harry Potter Diffuser Gryffindor™ (Smoked Wood & Cinnamon Fruit)
    - Harry Potter Diffuser Slytherin™ (Black Lake Pine & Leather)
    - Harry Potter Diffuser Hufflepuff™ (Toasted Butterscotch & Pecan Pie)
    - Harry Potter Diffuser Ravenclaw™ (Patchouli Incense & Amber)

    - Harry Potter Enamel Pin Harry & Golden Snitch
    - Harry Potter Enamel Pin Dobby & Sock
    - Harry Potter Enamel Pin Mandrake & Pot
    - Harry Potter Enamel Pin Hogwarts Letter & Hedwig

    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Gryffindor
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Slytherin
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Hufflepuff
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Ravenclaw
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Winged Key
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Expecto Patronum
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Lumos
    - Harry Potter Trinket Pouch Wingardium Leviosa
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